Voluntary service in Germany (for international applicants only)

Are you interested to do a voluntary service in Germany? As volunteer, you support one of our cooperation partners (= your project) for one entire year. All projects are non-profit organisations and independent from SCI Germany. They are located all over Germany and work in various areas. For example, you can volunteer in

  • kindergardens and day-care centers for children
  • youth centers
  • homes or day-care centers for people with special needs
  • ecological farms
  • farms for children and youth
  • community projects
  • educational projects and NGOs (non-governmental organisations)

The voluntary service is a learning program. SCI and your sending organisation will support you before and during your stay in Germany. You will take part in several seminars and will meet other international volunteers there. You will be able to exchange about your experiences and will acquire new skills.

SCI and your project will cover your expenses for accomodation, food, insurances, German courses, visa fees, international flights and local travel costs. You will receive a monthly pocket money.

When and how can I apply?

  • Our program is open for volunteers living in one of the above listed countries, who …

  • are between 18 and 29 years of age (where justified, also older volunteers of up to 34 years may be accepted). For a few projects, there may be other age limits.
  • are an active members of our sending/ partner organizations or in other social/ volunteer organizations,
  • have a working knowledge of English, and a serious interest and motivation to learn German. For working in most projects, at least basic knowledge of German (level A1) will be required when starting the voluntary service, some projects require good German knowledge (A2 or B1).
  • are highly motivated and are willing to sign up for a full-time voluntary service of approximately 38.5-40 hours per week.

For some projects, further specific requirements may apply.

Our program is open to everyone regardless of their gender, ethnic background, religious conviction or sexual orientation.

Furthermore, you will need a sending organisation. Our program is open for volunteers from Cambodia, Ecuador, India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Togo, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam. Please contact the sending organisation in your country for further information. Depending on the country, you will need to apply at least 9 to 12 months before the start of the voluntary service. Our program in Germany normally starts in August.

Contact your sending organisation

Volunteers from other countries can, unfortunately, not take part in SCI’s long-term volunteering program in Germany. But you can visit the website of the weltwaerts program in order to find another organisation which could host you.

What else should I know about the program?

The general objectives of the programme are:

  • to offer a platform for volunteers from Africa, Asia and South America to gain new knowledge and experiences and to bring in their own skills, ideas and knowledge in the project in Germany,
  • to make the views and perspectives of volunteers from the Global South visible in Germany,
  • to promote a dialogue between people from different regions in the world, with the aim to strengthen global awareness and to break down prejudices and stereotypes,
  • to deepen the mutual knowledge and understanding and to strengthen the partnership with our partner organisations.

After their return to their home country, volunteers remain active in their sending organisations, so that also our partner organisations benefit from the volunteers’ experiences.