Bunte Stifte

Service Civil International (SCI)

is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organizing international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organization consists of 45 branches and a constantly growing number of partner organizations.

Throughout the years SCI has made a major contribution to the development of the main forms of volunteering. Year after year, the organization enables thousands of volunteers to participate in community projects.

We believe that living and working together with people of different backgrounds helps volunteers to break down barriers and prejudices. It allows them to experience a world of mutual respect and understanding. In this sense, volunteering can be seen as a way of life, a demonstration of the possible reality of a peaceful and cooperative world.

SCI offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to people, such as short, mid- and long term projects, but also the possibility to become active for a local branch or participate in a seminar or training.

SCI has also organized, coordinated and joined many international campaigns that aim at raising people´s awareness about global and local issues related to peace, migration, climate justice, active citizenship, human rights, development education, volunteering and more. In the last period we were working on our latest campaign, "Create a Climate for Peace", transforming SCI's activities into sustainable, climate friendly and just activities for the future.

For further information about SCI Germany's values and objectives, please read our Mission Statement, which was published in March 2020.

For further information about the international SCI movement in English, please visit the website of the international SCI.

Information about SCI-D, German branch

The German branch of SCI was officially registered in 1947 and it is an approved independent non-profit organization in Germany for sending volunteers in short term and long term services. We organize around 50 short term projects (workcamps) in Germany every year. Our workcamps take place in the memorial sites, ecological and social institutions and projects, cultural events and community building projects.

Volunteers from Germany are placed into workcamps in more than 90 countries. We accept more than 600 volunteers from all over the world in our workcamps.

Our workcamps are coordinated by camp coordinators that were trained by us in several 4-8-days (international) trainings in different seminar houses in Germany.


With our workcamps we want to:

  •           support non-profit organizations, small initiatives and socially disadvantaged groups,
  •           raise awareness about the necessity of the preservation of natural resources,
  •           draw public attention to social, political and ecological problems,
  •           promote mutual understanding and solidarity between people from different backgrounds,
  •           learn from history, remember Germany’s past, promote reconciliation and fight racism,
  •           support peace and general disarmament,
  •           give you the opportunity to meet great people and to do something useful.


Additionally we place volunteers from Germany in long term projects in several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America and train them beforehand and afterwards.

We furthermore place volunteers from Africa, Asia and South America for a long term voluntary service in social and ecological projects for the common good in Germany.


Please note: SCI is NOT an alternative travel agency and we expect a high level of motivation, co-operation and open-mindedness from every volunteer! Our workcamps are totally based on self-organization.

You are highly welcome to contribute with your own talents and ideas!

Contact SCI-Germany: info@sci-d.de.