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"Migration & Climate Emergency" - Bewirb dich jetzt!

PeaceWeek / Linking migrations with climate emergency:
empowering youth to fight global emerging challenges

13-20th of March 2022, Barcelona

Training course for meeting and exchange between youth from the Mediterranean area around the current situation of climate emergency and the relation - origin, consequences - with the economic, gender-related and geographical inequalities, which violate human rights in the context of migrations, displacements and asylum caused by climate phenomena.
The aim is to create a space for youth from different countries to tackle the global issue of climate emergency and the impact it has in different territories, especially putting the focus on human rights violations caused on countries and communities from the Global South.


1. Get to know each other’s experiences around the topic.
2. Learn about structural causes and impacts of the current economic global model:
extractivism, environment destruction, hate speech and authoritarian policies responsible for
people’s forced displacement.
2. Reinforce ecofeminist and intercultural points of view.
3. Put the focus on resistance experiences from different countries shared by
4. Raise awareness and encourage networking among participants’ organizations.
5. Collect tools and strategies for resistance, democratization, nonviolent
participation and action.
6. Train the participants in digital safety, hate speech, defense of human rights and
peace building.
The idea is to create an impact at a local and international level and to help to build
and enhance youth activists’ capacities and tools for action and communication. These youth
are mobilized and interconnected through grassroots initiatives for transformative actions.
We want to give youth the critic perspective on decolonization and feminism oriented on
migration fluxes caused by climate emergency, especially with impact on women and on the
Euro Mediterranean area and the Global South. We also want to take into account the global
reactionary wave against migration and the weakness of the main answers coming from
Global North, which are mainly little and modest measures (described as ‘greenwashing’
according to ecologist movements). These measures neither focus on the structure of the
conflicts, nor on the unequal impacts received by Global North and South.


Profile of the participants

The number of participants from each organization varies. This was a common
decision in order to make it possible for each organisation to send at least one or two young
activists from the organisation who can share their experience with other young activists and
help us reflect on migrations and climate emergency.
SCI youth workers of other branches (especially Climate Justice and MIDI) are
encouraged to participate. They should have at least a basic knowledge about the topic of
migrations and climate emergency, experience in social participation, especially youth
participation and to be involved in the sending organization.
In order for you to take full advantage of this experience, we would like you to fulfil
some little tasks in preparation for the training course:

● Please talk to your Sending Organization about the local activities done related to
migrations and climate change/sustainability.
● Think about one or more methods you would like to focus on for a potential activity.
● Do a little research about the situation of migrants and climate emergency in your


Yes, it is in Barcelona, but please don't apply if it only makes you think about sangría
and disco-balls! This training is a serious commitment and it needs to be taken as such.
Thank you!
Participants are expected to arrive on the 13th and leave on the 20th of March. SCI
Catalunya will refund the payment of the tickets. We recommend travelling over land for
those who can in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission
s and if you can’t to offset your
carbon emissions. (https://www.sci.ngo/get-involved/offset-your-carbon).


  • This project is granted by Erasmus +, so all the costs such as traveling, food or accommodation are covered.
  • Placement fees are charged according to the regulations of national sending organisation.

How to apply?

Please send a motivation letter (introduce
yourselve, experiences, motivation etc. on 1-2 pages) and the filled in and signed "Anmeldeformular" to Laura (laura.wille@sci-d.de) till 19th of January 2022
. Once you are chosen, your branch will ask you to fill another registration form.

Covid measures

Due to the pandemic situation we will ask all the participants to have an antigens
test with a negative result (and send us a proof) before coming to Barcelona, and also to
have no symptoms related to Covid or Omicron at least during the last 10 days before
coming to the seminar. We will contact the participants to follow more instructions once they
are selected.
Please be aware that in Barcelona there may be restrictions such as wearing a mask
(even outdoors) or a night lockdown. These measures may change in the following months,
but we kindly ask all the participants to commit to follow the sanitary measures that might
happen by March.

Further questions?

If you have any questions, contact your local branch (laura.wille@sci-d.de) or with SCI Catalunya